A horrible hack

Blind Monarch

What Is Imposed Must Be Endured

Year Released: 2019
Format: Download
Label: Black Bow
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 5, 2019
For whatever reason I thought these Sheffield-dwelling sluggards had been around for yonks, but this appears to be their first release. Hm. Herein they cough up four slimy wads of virulent slowmo metal, touching base with the like of Noothgrush (atonal thud), Electric Wizard (malevolent yet ballsy swagger) and Graves At Sea (sickening gurgle) as each lengthy track unfolds. Everything is ably constructed and extremely well-played, making for something that tends towards satisfying rather than standout. This said, though, there are moments (e.g. Fiona Blyth's guest vocals on epic closer 'Living Altar') that suggest no shortage of ambition, effectively adding to what is already an extremely solid foundation.

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