A horrible hack

Disgusted Geist - Medicine Noose


Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: Dry Cough - Heavenly Vault - Live Fast Die
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 10, 2019
Two pretty gross bands here, each offering up their own distinctive brand of ugly. California's Disgusted Geist are up first and play some slow n' filthy death metal that wallows in bloated corpse riffage and stagnant, shit-bubble vocals – think Coffins, Autopsy and all that good stuff. Medicine Noose, by contrast, have named themselves for an Eyehategod song and go in for some full-tilt sludgery that backs up its pained riffing with beleaguered shrieks, razorwire feedback and the kind of samples you'd expect from a Dystopia record. Despite the different stylistic angles there are clear commonalities to be found, and the split sees the bands forming some sort of uneasy truce at the mid-way point – not a meeting of minds conducive to happiness, contentment and wellbeing, but one that should find plenty of fans amongst all the discontented heavy-seekers currently cursing their luck and the rotten state of the universe.

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