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Skitklass - Crimex


Year Released: 2019
Format: 7"
Label: Deleted - Hardcore Hell
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 21, 2019
Frankly feel like a right dick buying a new record for old record prices on Discogs, but since this kept selling out from under me I was forced to crawl on my belly and abase myself. Was it worth the price of two separate 7"s? Yeah, pretty much – Skitklass I've been turning cartwheels for since last year's 'Kaos Och Förstörelse 4-låtars' jabbed a screwdriver in my eye, and the three tracks here don't break ranks: sharp, bright-sounding kängpunk with a shattering knack for a song. Crimex were new to me but are now yet another addition to the never-ending keep-an-eye-on-'em list, operating in a similar space as their Japanese buddies but with more thickness around the shoulders, more tear in the vocals and less of an appetite for careening, breakneck chaos. It's great stuff all round, and I can only hope your efforts at finding it in a friendly neighbourhood distro are more successful than mine...

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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