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Moss Rose - Caton & Ophélie - Child Meadow - Duct Hearts


Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: time as a color
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 23, 2019
A 4 band split 12" these days is definitely a rarity. It's a nice way to check out a bunch of different bands at once but it's so much easier to do that without having to buy a record and hope for the best these days. So the purpose of such a release is probably different, more aimed at people who are fans of a specific band featured perhaps, or just everyone involved is great m8s.

Side one has two bands I've never heard of. Moss Rose play a slow burning screamo thing. The hoarse vocals are a bit buried in the mix until it explodes around the two minute mark. This is pretty classic screamo, not really the kind of thing I am listening to very much now but this is intense and pretty good once it gets going. Just a 2 piece apparently, with both members doing vocals. Well worth investigating if you like the style. Caton & Ophélie are probably not named after former Arsenal defender Tommy Caton (RIP), and they play a medium paced brand of screamo. It's pretty melodic and driving, with raw vocals belted out over the top.

Flip for the B. Duct Hearts (disclosure: I've helped release a record for this outfit featuring Daniel from Time as a Color) pound out five minutes worth of post rock. The vocals drift on by, the glacial early going reminds me of the Jim Yoshii Pile Up which is no bad thing at all. It follows a time honoured post rock tradition by getting quite rowdy about half way through. This is a good band that has flown under the radar and this is a worthy introduction for people who've missed out. Child Meadow wrap this up, didn't realise they were still going. They are a really solid Frenchmo band that have been around a bit (first release was 2011). This is probably the song most up my street on the record, being straight up 'mo with a twinkly drop out bit. I'm nothing if not predictable.

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