A horrible hack

Stars on Fire

Blue Skies Above

Year Released: 2019
Format: CD
Label: Jigsaw Records - Kocliko Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 23, 2019
This is some really solid fuzzy indie rock, with some definite shoegaze influences. The guitar on opener Shutdown is all bendy like My Bloody Valentine and other such luminaries, and the vocals are shyly buried underneath it all. It's almost a bit much at times, sounding like a warped record, but give it a few songs and it started to click. On their bandcamp it says they are from South Korea, must be fun going to super tiny indie rock gigs in Seoul and seeing stuff like this I reckon. I don't get to hear much music like this, I bet there are plenty of bands still cranking out this sort of thing but it's a nice little breath of fresh air for me.

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