A horrible hack

Moving Targets


Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: Boss Tuneage - Waterslide
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Dec 16, 2019
Caught Moving Targets last year when the descended on the Sebright Arms and, truth be told, wasn't expecting too much. I'd popped along out of a sense of duty rather than crackling anticipation, and was pleasantly surprised at having my teeth knocked askew by as lean, wiry and energetic a set as I ever could have hoped for. This LP comes off the back of that tour, and, if you're a fan of anything the band put out in the 80s or 90s it certainly won't disappoint, with Ken Chambers showing he still has as keen an ear for a melody as ever. The songs surge and soar with everything straining at the edges, the vocal lines swooping over careening guitar parts and locked-in interplay from young buck rhythm section Emilien Catalano and Yves Thibault. It is, frankly, a delight – a punchy, powerful, catchy-as-all-fuck rebirth from one of melodic hardcore's true unsung greats.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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