A horrible hack

Cody Noon

Ace of Wands

Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: Oscarson
Reviewed by MH on Dec 24, 2019
New album from Cody Noon and the first one given the vinyl treatment. It’s typically hypnotic in sound but feels like they’ve broadened things soundwise although they do remain a duo. The opening track has a little of latter day Mogwai about it - and a restrained beginning sets the tone for the album nicely. There’s a fair bit going on in some of these tracks - the organ sound in the deliberating “Neu Grotesque” and the noisy electronica stomp of “Centigrade Refrigeration” which has shades of Mogwai’s guitar in “Rano Pano” are such examples, and give things a thicker, more powerful sound than previously. There’s plenty of pondering and deliberating which suits me just fine. The power in some of these tracks has a tendency to creep up on you - see "Neu Grotesque" for starters with the keyboard riff that persists and teeters. Likewise, they’re not afraid to break out into noise when required either. A knack at good track titles is something they've shown in the past and the brilliantly subdued and meandering “Grief Bacon” is no exception - the plaintive guitar that is threaded throughout this track owes as much to emo as any post rock or slowcore influences. Possibly the highlight for me before the album is closed by the stunning “Them Fatale” which winds up slowly and persistently, then suddenly erupts halfway through.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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