A horrible hack

Rogue Conjurer

Of The Goddess b/w Crystal Mountain Lives

Year Released: 2019
Format: Tape
Label: Damien
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Dec 24, 2019
Stumbled on this via some weird, late-night Discogs rummage and wound up pleasantly surprised to discover (a) that it even existed and (b) that it was also rather good. The band features Tonie Joy on guitar, bass and vocals, and while stylistically quite different to the projects he's most known for the loose, rambling, wayward nature of his guitar playing is as distinctive as ever. The two tracks amble along in a hazy, spaced-out manner that vaguely reminds me of Om, though more on account of the cyclic, meditative nature of the music than as a straight-up sonic comparison. Though the tape clocks in at a meagre 12 minutes it's easy to let it spool endlessly while you mull the prospect of a full-length and wonder at this being the next strange yet somehow logical step in a journey that has thus far taken in Moss Icon, Born Against, The Convocation Of and Cold Cave.

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