A horrible hack



Year Released: 2019
Format: Tape
Label: Astral Noize
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jan 6, 2020
An intense five-song assault that doesn't let up from the moment the first jagged chord is struck. Botch appear to be the overriding influence, with the riffing so consistently sharp-edged it'll have you bleeding all over the carpet if you don't watch your fingers. The singer sounds genuinely murderous and the band have that whole stop-on-a-dime thing locked down so tight that you find yourself almost thankful that there are only ten minutes or so to contend with. While certainly a sound accomplishment it'd be nice to see the band carve a more distinctive identity for themselves as they grow and develop – they win here by dint of shattered, vengeful mania and must be an absolute whirlwind to witness live, but if an LP eventuates they might need more to carry them forward than unadulterated venom alone.

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