A horrible hack

Fortitude Valley


Year Released: 2019
Format: Download
Label: Fika Recordings
Reviewed by MH on Jan 7, 2020
A little teaser here from a new band featuring half of Martha/all of (early) One Night Stand In North Dakota. Vocals come from Laura Kovic from Brisbane who was also in Tigercats - the bass player is from Night Flowers so that's quite the pedigree across the quartet. I'd been wondering if Martha were referring to Brisbane's Fortitude Valley in "Brutalism by the River (Arrhythmia)" but somehow thought it must be another Fortitude Valley. It's only because I live here there that I would think about this. However, the email this came in on confirms it is indeed about the one in Brisbane. This one track is a spritely slice of driven indie pop with melancholy lyrics and harmonies along the way. A nice introduction and there's an album on the way next year too.

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