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Quatre Regards sur l'enfant​-​Jésus

Year Released: 2019
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jan 29, 2020
Here's something Christmassy for you. An EP of four new songs from Zochor that clocks in at a snappy 8 minutes or so. It's in the track titles and lyrics that you might notice something seasonal (perhaps dusting off your French-English dictionary for the first track title) but this is a short, sharp shock of bristling urgency and so don't feel that with Christmas having gone for another year it's too late to be listening to this. I'd recommend listening today, in fact, especially if you like the sound of Rev Summer and Plaids (from where Zochor have descended as well as Algae Bloom and Soul Structure and more)."The Christmas Lights Are Up (but no one's turned them on yet)" features the kind of bendy guitars that will remind you of Soul Structure whilst "Around The Dinner Table the Conversation is Lively" is a standout with its changes of tempo and teeming energy.

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