A horrible hack

Agador Spartacus


Year Released: 2019
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Rogers on Feb 8, 2020
This is the third EP from a German post-hardcore group, following 2014’s Agadorable and 2015’s Agadawesome (yes, they have a naming scheme). Going back to the previous EP, “solid but not memorable” is a rough paraphrase of Collective Zine’s review. To my ears, they’ve come some distance in the intervening years. They have quite a slick and polished post-hardcore sound, which might benefit from a bit more discordant rough edge. On first listening to these six tracks (plus intro), I noticed small reminiscences of other bands, and wondered if the record wore its influences too much on its sleeve. After a few listens, all I could remember were the Agador Spartacus elements themselves, which is the hallmark of a catchy band.

The style is crisply controlled. Forceful but also melodic. As well as catchy, riff-based structures, we get track-endings that let loose some instrumental rock-outs. The vocals are decent, with hoarse singing/yelling complemented by softer harmonising. I was also impressed by the song- writing on this record. My favourite track is “Tetris”, where the chorus concludes “I blend in till I burn out (This is my biggest fear). It’s like a game of Tetris (Once you fit in you disappear)”. Of course, great lyricism isn’t all about vintage video game references. (But mostly it is). If you’re a total post-hardcore purist, you’ll suffer from the lack of noisy disharmony. The rest of us will be having a ball and looking forward to an LP.

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