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Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: Inner Ear
Reviewed by Samuel Rogers on Feb 8, 2020
Bazooka are an energetic garage-punk band from Greece. On tracks like “Φυλακή (Filaki)” [translation: “Prison”], you can hear the same kind of crazy surf guitar with which East Bay Ray blessed the Dead Kennedys. Other tracks take a retro garage approach, while hints of 1960s psychedelia creep in through the keyboard on tracks like “Έχω Κουραστεί (Eho Kourasti)” [translation: “I’m Tired”]. There’s even some ska guitar, complemented by the addition of a horn section on two tracks. As you may have guessed, the lyrics are all in Greek, and they get slurred and yelled in a languid punk drawl that contrasts nicely with the high-energy tunes. In addition to the styles mentioned above, there are bits of rock and roll or proto-punk influence detectable too. Although I liked the panache and the variety, for some reason the album didn’t completely click for me. I wonder if a fifty-minute runtime is overdoing it, and Bazooka would be better releasing a concise cut of their finest efforts. Nevertheless, I recommend checking out this release, where a plethora of influences get jammed together into a pleasing and coherent pandemonium, resembling the (International) Noise Conspiracy one minute, and something more far-out the next.

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