A horrible hack

The Vertigos

This Is Decontrol

Year Released: 2019
Format: 7"
Label: Mangrove
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 29, 2020
This one was billed as a garage rock take on Discharge, but truth be told it's the rock n' roll influence that wins out. The Vertigos play a scratchy, scrappy take on garage punk that's high on manic energy and the kind of exuberant melodies that even a boombox production can't quell. Things kick, stomp and clatter away to joyous effect, and with each member lending their voice to the melee there's a sense of variety you wouldn't necessarily expect from the three-chords-and-an-attitude set-up. Closing track 'Messy' chucks in some saxophone that lends things a bit of an X-Ray Spex vibe – a nice finishing touch to the 7", and a tie with the catchy-as-heck title track for my favourite song here.

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