A horrible hack

Neurotic Fiction

Pulp Music

Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: Specialist Subject
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 23, 2020
I feel like I have attempted to review this LP a couple of times since it arrived at Collective Zine Towers, and then deleted my efforts each time. There have been long periods over the past few years where I haven't wanted to write. Haven't had the time. Was busy getting married. Was busy moving house. Was busy just getting by. Sometimes I'd start writing then give up again a few words in. So here at long last is a finished review of sorts.

There's plenty to catch the interest here, Neurotic Fiction nervously bounce from foot to foot with herky jerky, jangly post punk on tracks like "Collateral" where the sung and shouted vocals contrast nicely. It's along the lines of stuff like Grass Widow here and there, when it as at it's most energetic. There's some slower garagey-pop stuff like "Meaning of Lyf", and no doubt they listen to a lot of 1980s bands that I bounced off quite quickly when I first heard them but I'd probably enjoy now. Overall it's a solid album, bouncing off a few different styles and sounds but ones that fit well together as a whole rather than coming across as a bunch of disparate singles.

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