A horrible hack

Night Swimming - Safest Spaces


Year Released: 2020
Format: Tape
Label: Different Schools
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 24, 2020
Nice little intro to 2 UK bands here. I'm very much out of touch with what is going on stylewise in the DIY / indie scene here these days, so it's nice to check in. Night Swimming play an athemic bit of driving indie, with some emo-ish leanings, particularly in the vocals. Definitely feels like a progression on from the "emo-revival" early 2010s scene into something a bit different. Safest Spaces have a washed out 80s shoegaze kind of vibe, but also have a guy yelling just so you know they are also an emo band. It reminds me of Knapsack in places but with a lot less oomf in the recording. Good timing with their release, the main lyrics seem to be about being stuck indoors, "Sick of staying in, feel like shit". Man it's like he's in my head.

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