A horrible hack


07_07_15 - 13_04_16

Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 26, 2020
No idea how long this one has been in the box as on Bandcamp it says it was released February 2017. It's possible it got stuck inside something else, it's only a slip case with a label stuck on it. Also since Captain Fidanza stopped writing for us we haven't really had anyone who wanted to write about this kind of thing on a regular basis. "07_07_15 - 13_04_16" (catchy name, catchy guy) is all about fizzing beats and drones, and the song titles appear to be the dates Break_Fold commenced work on them, so some of this stuff is almost 5 years old now. The general feeling this album generates is very murky and claustrophibic, it's not exactly the de-stresser you were looking for after a hard day reading the latest on COVID from the Guardian. I feel like this would be best very well suited to a late night gaming session of something like Duskers, where the weird old skool interface and lonely atmosphere would mesh perfectly with the creeping tension of this album. One for the cyberpunks.

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