A horrible hack

Eerie Gaits


Year Released: 2020
Format: Tape
Label: Sound As Language
Reviewed by MH on May 23, 2020
Shimmering and warm ambient sounds here from John Ross of Wild Pink. There are additional people and instruments involved this time around compared to the first album "Bridge Music". The result is a broader, more expansive sound and there are elements that sound like Wild Pink - the opening to "Saw You Through The Trees" and "Loisaida" both have this before moving into more experimental soundscapes. This is no bad thing if you’re anything like me and flogged the Wild Pink albums to death when they came out. There's hope and shades of light in the sound in tracks like "What's Eating You" and you could probably dance to the decidedly upbeat "The Rainbow Trout and the Wicker Creel" - well, I couldn't but you might be able to. However, things close with the desolate and bleak "99, 100". Lovely stuff throughout.

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