A horrible hack

Neilson Family

Double Life

Year Released: 2019
Format: CD
Label: Jigsaw Records
Reviewed by MH on Jun 3, 2020
Here's a Portland indie pop band I was unaware of prior to this review but it's come out on Jigsaw Records who have put out music by the likes of Marlovers, Animal Daydream and A Certain Smile. Nice jangly guitars here and a laidback feel throughout but certainly not without energy - there's a zip to the guitar sound and rhythm section that's there in tracks like opener "Civil Service Anthem" and the spritely “Same Song part 2”. I doubt they'd lay claim to be doing anything too fashionable here, and have a song called “Dad Rock”, while the shared vocals between Jamie and Anna are a strength and bounce off each other nicely. The songs I would pick out here would be the nicely paced "Water Avenue" which is all wistful and reflective, and "You Make Me Feel" - a nice bittersweet pop song.

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