A horrible hack



Year Released: 2020
Format: Download
Label: Selfmadegod
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 25, 2020
Dense and rather ornery, Czerń have arrived at a sound that's fairly distinctive but still needs a lift to really get where it's going. The blocky riffs and weary trudge resemble the likes of Fudge Tunnel and 90s -(16)-, but this blank-eyed industrial grind is offset by the trance-inducing roil of a band like Heavydeath. Black metal influences enter the fray, too, and it's here that things have a tendency of falling down: the sweeping tremolo-picked sections seem rather stock, and more likely to have you checking your phone than staring at the stereo in rapt, open-mouthed amazement. Imperfect as it is there's still plenty to enjoy, and I'm hopeful that Czerń can iron out the kinks and deliver something more consistently mighty next time around.

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