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It's Hard To Be Loved By You

Year Released: 2020
Format: LP
Label: self released
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Aug 12, 2020
“Unique” says the press sheet, “and genre-defining”. It’s bold, especially for music that is at its heart a throwback. A little retro. Not quite a revival - it’s going to be tough to live up to that statement. But there’s a niche to be found in the cracks between genres, subtly reworking the past to bring something new to life. So to the speakers and headphones – 1100 words of nonsense dismissed – to judge this the only way that counts.

Synth-pop, with some live instrumentation, and an indie influence. Definitely not unique. Or genre-defining. Or new. Or… anything more than adequate. If I had to summarise this in a word it would be ‘forgettable’. You can add ‘completely’ or variations thereof if you need more. It's competently played, but adds nothing new in tone, substance, structure, style, and certainly doesn’t linger. It doesn’t stand up in itself let alone against other groups in a similar space.

I thought this might be a demo – a first attempt being marketed too forcefully, as there is some potential here. But it’s a second album and after repeated listens I still can’t remember any of the songs. Or even the elements – a chorus, a hook, a line. Forgetting the hyperbole, I expected to leave with something from this, not just lingering dread at the thought of writing it up, and relief now I’m nearly done and can very literally just forget about it.

If you’re into the band members individual history, or the sub-genre to the point of perversion, then maybe you’ll get something from this. Otherwise…no.

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