A horrible hack


Moral Improvement (Live 1984CE)

Year Released: 2020
Format: Tape
Label: Cruel Nature Recordings
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 6, 2020
A rough and yet fairly glorious exhumation here - Stephen Ãh Burroughs and Eric Jurenovski of Head Of David captured as Comicide, and playing, twice, the four songs they wrote in this incarnation. There is much greyness and much ominous repetition, with riffs whirring endlessly away, strange industrial whines looping painfully in on themselves and smudged-out ambience blurring the edges of your vision. While still only beginning to pupate (one set features vocals, one does not) a great deal of molten creativity is in evidence, and despite the discomfiting sounds it's easy to let the tape spool and spool until you feel smothered by the band's monochromatic visions of hell – perfect for fans of Godflesh and Gore, or modern nerve-pinchers like Warren Schoenbright and Orchestra Of Constant Distress.

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