A horrible hack

Mind Eraser

Glacial Reign

Year Released: 2006
Format: LP
Label: Painkiller
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 5, 2006
If 'Cave' was a brisk but enjoyable workout, 'Glacial Reign' ups the goddamn ante to such an extent that only the real competitors need bother showing their grizzled faces. The solid-built powerviolence backbone remains sturdily in place, but the flesh atop has been bulked out to grotesque, steroid-pumped proportions to the point where Mind Eraser are less a band and more some glowering beast, purpose-bred for nothing but fighting and stamping their many foes into the dust. The short, violent outbursts are dosed with some savage Hellhammer-style metal that reigns in the savage brevity with slow, doom-laden poundings and leaves the listener wondering whether the Neanderthal-worship of yore was merely a testing ground for far darker possibilities...

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