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Custom-Daisy - Cassandra - Nervewreck

Three Circuit ++ Connection

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Mono Collective
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
A very good split featuring three "metal" bands from Malaysia and packaged very handsomely in a dvd box, complete with a little booklet of lyrics and other random literature. How wonderful.

Custom Daisy are the first to tear it up with their highly mechanical, mathematical, technical and diabolical fury. Roar. They give us two tracks of grinding chaotic vehemence. 'Collison Cause' is a bit like the new Locust (sans keyboards) mashed up with a bit of Dillinger Escape Plan. All snarls and hard hitting brutality. This is then shortly followed by 'Chaos Climate'. Less technical than the prior but still very forceful and aggressive though a bit too short as a track and could've sounded better if it was expanded a bit more.

Up next is Cassandra (raaaa!). Possibly my new favourite band in the scene. However, after seeing them live a couple of weeks ago, the recording of these tracks don't do them any justice. Nevertheless, I could still rock out to the three tunes they throw in. 'Fraction of false petal' intros with a sexy sample from the film Chasing Amy and executes into a terrifying wall of vigorous monstrosity. Dual vocals here that work really well. Cookie monster versus dictating spoken word. The formulae adopted is synonymous to most German metal bands. Think along the lines of old school Aclys. Ponderous melodic rhythms and odd time signatures. So fucking good.

Finally Nervewreck, which sound a tad too refined and too tedious for my liking. They have interesting riffs in between and but personally I wasn't very much enthused. The two tracks meander along without a proper sense of direction and becomes highly yawnsome after more than three minutes. Not my cup of bubble tea but the nu-metal kids might be delighted.

While the overall split is nothing above average and the production is a bit shady, it is a very good first effort all the same. Get this motherfuckin demon, motherfucker.

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