A horrible hack

Twenty Twenty Vision


Year Released: 2003
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Tom Sloan on Jun 13, 2007
Cool – some quiet, delicate and very very pretty music on this demo from Twenty Twenty Vision. This demo’s going to be in permanent circulation in my listening habits – that much I can tell already – with five dreamy, soothing songs…its no understatement to say this music’s like therapy after a very stressful afternoon, and will continue to be after many more stressful afternoon’s in the future I’m sure. The sampled drums, and harmonised vocals very much bring to mind Jimmy Eat World circa-Clarity, whilst cross-referencing the more mainstream UK indie bracket of bands like Lowgold, The Reindeer Section, and Doves. But, whatever the credentials and cross-references, this really is, dare I say, a beautiful and simple sound, sure to be heard on A Radio Near You in the not too distant future. A pleasant surprise.

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