A horrible hack

The Third Memory

The Gathering Of Distorted Souls In The Garden Of Flameless Utopia

Year Released: 2003
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Six songs of mid-paced emo here from these French folks. And rather fine it is too, fitting in nicely with what one would expect from the French emo sound. It's not as spazzed and nuts as a band like Jasemine, relying more on grooving melodies that one would associate with the likes of Peu Etre or earlier Vanilla. The vocals range from harsh, throat tearing screams to desperately sung, so no real surprises there, but they work well and fit the surges and lapses in the music's power. They do not stray too far from the formula, although "First Sigh, Last Memories" though is downbeat instrumental that works well. Probably my favourite track is "Aube Naissante / Jours Eternels" which has an absolutely classic emo guitar sound (think stuff like Policy of 3) and the passionate vocals really come to the fore in a song that erupts into moments of reckless abandon and eases off again without warning. Final track "Jealousy" is another standout, with the chunky bass playing off against the jagged guitar and wrenched screams to perfection. There's an awesome cry part in this song too!

The production is rough and thin, but this is a demo so that is not a real criticism. Good stuff, well worth checking out if you are enjoy the French sound - it's nice to know that there are still bands out there playing this kind of thing. I look forward to their next release.

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