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Ettil Vrye - Tipping Canoe


Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Moganono
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
No wonder there are only 300 of these made, it looks like Moganano had to cut up their curtains to make the packaging. The record cover here is made of cloth, I presume that they all differ slightly, either that, or that Moganono had more curtains of one design than the average person requires. That would make sense actually, because they could have decided to use the surplus to make record covers. Do you think?

Both bands here have split up. So it goes. Ettil Vrye fill side one with their meanding emo. Pure emo. This is old school, these guys have the right idea. Taking the ominous rocking hardcore groove of a band like Policy of 3, fusing it with moody Native Nod and thunderously screamy 12 Hour Turn and you have 3 bands in one. Thats Ettil Vrye. At a moment they are rolling on the floor in pain, the next they are twinkling things up with a jazzy breakdown and Leo utterings. All the whilst youll be grabbed by the sway, and be unconsciously clasping your hands together and rocking back and forth to the EMO GROOVE. Get with it. The Vrye hit all the right spots on here, and its a big improvement on the 7 they had out last year or so. A seamless blend of the new and the old, give it up for the continuing purveyors of pure emo. They have your best interests at heart.

I was a little let down by the Tipping Canoe side after their excellent split 7 with the Snacks. But this is still great power hitting emo hardcore. Strained gruff vocals that breakdown into desperation, combined with edgey riffing to recall the likes of Spirit Assembly and other bands from the mid 90s that ought to be the silver lining to your record collection. TC play their own style pretty damn distinctively, for a more modern reference point, Id look you in the direction of the masters - Yaphet Kotto. The way the guitars duel and the combine to scratch at your soul is remarkably similar. Everything is constant, battering away at you without relent, no pause for breath.

Youd be a fool to miss this if the emo that you dig is the emo that is done correctly.

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