A horrible hack

Fuck on the Beach

Power Violence Forever

Year Released: 1999
Format: LP
Label: Slap A Ham
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I guess that it's kind of a solution. When you're getting a little jaded with bands copying each other or just being plain old dull, try something that is a bit extreme.

Japan's Fuck on the Beach, as the album title suggests, do power violence. I never really knew what that tag meant, until now. And man oh man, it kills! Think, a hardcore band jacking up the speed a few thousand notches (none of that metalcore shit going on here), with a screaming vocalist. Let them play 21 tracks on 12" of wax at 45rpm. Let them knock the stuffing out of you. Try and play some air drums or guitar as they drive on, full steam ahead. It's unbelievable, you'll really appreciate what's going on if you do.

I never thought I could like anything like this, but this album rages. Noise, speed, power, violence. The style is probably already a fad or something, and I'm late for the bus, but whatever. Check out a couple of bands that are doing this sort of thing, at least until Deep Elm cotton on a few years after the genre has it's name 'coined' and is becoming integrated into the mainstream, and they put out Power Violence Diaries I. Oooh! So harsh. But fair.

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