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Riddle of Steel - the Movement


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Ascetic
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
One of the things that has come to my attention whilst re-doing the C into it's new format is that I bought a heck of a lot of records at random a few years ago, with little to no idea as to what the band on the record is. With the advent of MP3's these days, it's almost impossible for a band to be quite *that* obscure, but it's still fun to just go out and pick up a record without knowing much about it at all. And that's what I did here.

Riddle of Steel play noisy indie rock that strikes me as being in the ballpark of bands like the Farewell Bend, Traindodge or Boys Life. Now, I could just be saying that because they happen to be from Missouri and are a trio. Or I could be saying that because they genuinely have elements of these sounds. They are not quite so complex or mathy like those bands were, as they plough a more straightforward melodic path, but they certainly have their moments. The vocals are kind of strained, a bit like when the chap from At the Drive In sang instead of yelling. The track they play on here is pretty long and it rumbles nicely, creating a groove that follows for the duration. Good stuff.

The Movement contribute 2 tracks to the other side of this blue vinyl, playing some quality, kind of arty indie rock that rather reminds me of Crash & Britany. "Pop" has a great jangly intro before building up and getting louder, then quietening down into subtle twinkly moments. The vocals are strong and move from drifting to sung and even to spoken at ease. It works really well. The second track, "the Bad Seed", is faster and rocks out a bit more - it has a darker sound, but again is decent. Not bad at all.

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