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Collect 'Em All

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
Female fronted punk-pop band on Fat Wreck Chords. This surely does have the classic Fat sound. Catchy, raw, melodic and aggressive punk. The band reformed after a couple of years out of the frame. I heard that Fat convinced them to get back together, and probably tempted them with a big fat cheque!

To be honest I am quite glad that they did get back together, because they are not a bad band at all. One of the standout tracks "Palm Tree" is very shouty and very fast paced. It really is quite great. Unfortunately Cinder Block occasionally suffers from trying a little too hard on the vocals. She tries to be too aggressive or to sound too "punk". But generally the vocals are fairly good.

I think that this is not quite as good as their earlier album "til it kills". But for long standing fans of the band there are plenty of songs on here that will keep you happy. For everyone else, you will find 15 poppy punky catchy songs that you will probably really like. For example "Molly Coddled" - you would not be human if you didn't like this song. It really is just a nice slice of aggressive punk-pop. Just like the entire album in fact.

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