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Against the Odds - the Kwakiutl Cannibal Society


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Evergreen
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This record has some of the most emo packaging I have seen in ages. Ha! It is done in a very endearing childlike style, the lyric sheet is stuck down with sticky stars, and the cover is sealed with wax. Don't open it an you can sell it on Skylab for $5 more than anyone else in 3 years time. Ha ha!

Ok, two bands. I have never heard of Against the Odds. They have some weird kind of recording. The guitars sound like a melodic swarm of bees. Very bzzzzzzz, I have no idea why. They scream and play fast, I think it would have been served better by a recording that didn't involve the bees. They have a screamy emo breakdown in the middle too where they get the emo-pop vocals on like On the Might of Princes. Musically this is pretty generic stuff, and I think they are playing it well for the most part. Then the bees come after me again. Plus the scream style the dude has bugs me. The second song is fast hardcore and 10 seconds long. Right. Get rid of the bees.

I heard this other band (no, I am not typing their stupid name) ages ago on MP3 and I never expected to own a record with them on because I think they have split up. Anyway, they are pretty good once they get going. I was a bit off guard at first on the intro, but once they build up and get past the first 30 seconds this turns into 2 pretty awesome screamy emo songs. They really remind me of Soon the Darkness, the singer has some funny singing vocal parts in particular that are rather STD-ish! The first track has some great melodic parts that suddenly explode all of a sudden. Nice groove. The second song has a twinkle Yaphet Kotto intro. I think it's the 2nd song, you almost can't tell there is a gap between songs. It's totally one of those songs that builds up and makes me want to roll on the floor but my floor is covered in junk so I would probably wreck something important. The vocals are all mixed up and out of control and ARGH! that type of thing. Bunch of emo kids being killed in the Star Wars trash compactor stylee. I love that sort of thing. It has a great distant talky vocal breakdown too. Basically it has all the elements of a generic mid 90's emo band which makes me love it! Get in! Just with funny goth vocals!

Against the Odds: I am going to eat all your bees.

The Quack: Get another band together and make some more good music like the 2nd song on here. Thanks, you emo bastards.

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