A horrible hack

Bucket Full of Teeth


Year Released: 2002
Format: 3x7"
Label: Youth Attack
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
Maybe I should have reviewed each of these separately but I wanted to save my poor chubby fingers the wear and tear! So what we have here is three seven inches released simultaneously as a kind of theme. Each has separate artwork that join together to form one big picture, much like those three pretty girls make graves sevens do! Also each comes with matching coloured vinyl, one on yellow, another on pink and the final one on green. A nice all round packet. This follows through to the sleeve notes, which each band member has written for their respective 7". They make for interesting reading too, basically saying how they are trying to do something a little different to inject some creativity into the stagnant hardcore scene.

So when I put the first 7" on I wasn't quite sure what to expect? Well it started up and it was shouted, slightly metallic emo violence/grind much like their previous uber hip incarnation as the Orchid (there I had to go mention it!). Still there is more to it all, mixing pretty manic emo violence with some nice metallic/stoner riffs, lots of white noise, occasional drum machine blast beats and bits of electronic cut up pieces in there every now and again it kind of reminds me of bands like Cult of Luna but then all of a sudden everything will drop out and go really ambient! My favourite song has to be '23 Reasons To Play Grindcore' and 'Raised On Failure' on the II 7" as they have nice bits that sounds like Sabbath. But to be honest I don't see it as anything amazingly ground breaking I'd much rather be throwing that kind of praise to An Albatross, then again it does mention things like interesting musical transitions which probably flies over my musically inept head like the Albatross I just mentioned! I think I'd prefer it if they just played the stoner riffs for three seven inches.

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