A horrible hack

Three Minute Movie

Rhythm Of Wind & Water

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Snuffy Smile
Reviewed by Martin Brown on Jun 13, 2007
We all fell in love with this band when the BRAID split came out. Of course we all rushed out and bought it for BRAID and after about 5 days we thought "lets hear the other band, I heard they were ex WALL". That's when things got interesting and it turns out a bunch of Japanese kids playing with heart and passion were actually far better! And now, at last, the wonderful THREE MINUTE MOVIE have given us an album. And what a fucking album it is. Sure this is conventional emo-rocking punk, but you never thought it could be quite this good. BRAID, GET UP KIDS, CAP'N JAZZ, CASKET LOTTERY, etc., etc. - you know the score. Just... so much more. Brilliant. Plus at the time of writing my band is lined up to play with them!!! WOWIE!

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