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Occam's Razor - They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down in the Snow


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: Grey Sky
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Holy cow, more Occam's Razor. They really have cranked out some good stuff in the past year, and they dispense two more disembowlments here on this split. Seriously, if you are in a German screamo band, listen to Occam's Razor and weep. Everything about the music of these guys is destructive - the vocals are completely harsh and screeched, the instruments are all blasted into submission and the corpse of every split up band on Witching Hour is horribly desecrated in a bloody ritual. Oh my god. Emo violence hasn't tasted so good in years. Sexy breakdown on "...and then we built an empire" too. Really fine.

They Found My Extremely Long Band Name Was Too Annoying To Type Out scorch through several off kilter belters of their own, with more of a screamy hc / punk take on things. There are two singers and both are garbling their words. They sound like me and Simon when we are drunk and taking the piss out of this one song that we don't know the words to, and sometimes like Racebannon. One of them is high pitched. This is utterly ramshackle, but not bad either. The super quick short songs at the end were pretty funny.

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