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the Birds are Spies, They Report to the Trees


Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Lilac Sky
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
In Norway, they make emo pretty good. First Catena Collapse, then Sifnos Plateua Collective, now the Birds are Spies, but their name is way too long. I guess the government is putting depressants in the water, to make Norwegians sad, and do emo bands. There are six songs on this exquisitely packaged demo cd. And from the start they are sobbing and bursting out the tears whilst the guitars twinkle ever so effectively. Fast, slow, loud, quiet, sob, weep... Then they do a Yaphet Kotto cover on track 2. Oh wait, it's their own song, I apologise. It's really good though. 4 more songs follow on, and they cover the ground of being dark, melodic, filled with crying, and emotive guitars, build ups and explosions. It's certainly by the book, but by heck is that book good! If you like any band like Amber Inn, Yaphet Kotto or stuff like that, you'll appreciate the guitar attacking and vocal sadness of these folks.

This band should do vinyl, please. Because I don't listen to CDs very often, and this band is too good for me not to listen to. Thanks!

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