A horrible hack


Master Blaster

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Drownedinsound Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Oh joy of joys, another Thisgirl cd single to review. Sadly I no longer have a digital camera at my disposal so I can't trash this CD in an entertaining fashion. My apologies.

Anyway, this is pretty wank. It starts off with this big funk rock riff, and the first lyric is "too complicated to have sex would you agree?" or something rubbish like that. It continues on with these dull quiet bits with shit singing and then has the big riffs again. Man. There is a terrible "freak out" part too. Wow, they are so "psychedelic" and "way out". DULL. This is about as good as the Young Offenders or maybe Gigantic. Oh here comes the big riff with the singing again. Go away. The second song is equally dislikable. It's all like goth. Wow, I am punishing myself by listening to this tripe. Track 3 is acoustic, it sounds like the Bluetones. Track 4 is live or some shit. Fuck off.

Imagine QOTSA getting run over by a van full of mad pigs.

No wait, imagine QOTSA lying dead in a van full of mad pig shit.

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