A horrible hack

True if Destroyed


Year Released: 2004
Format: LP
Label: Cheap Art
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I have seen little to no mention of this record on the internet, and it would probably receive this much:


thrift from the screamo buying public. That said (or written, if you are a pedant), I like it. So I am going to write a review about it. Crazy.

The first song is ace, melodic and riffy in a fashion similar to the Rain LP that I have but you don't, with sweet female vocals and yelled male backups, which is unlike Rain. The song grooves along at a fair pace with lots of energy and sweat, building up towards the end as it piles on the guitars and drums in a wonderful fashion. The second song I don't like at all though, it takes a more bassy indie-rock slant on things and doesn't do it for me, especially when it cheezes up with synths. Hmm. After that though the record gets ace again. "What Seperates" has just a brilliant intro with the riffy guitars and the desperation of the dual vocals playing off each other perfectly. Later the song kicks into a total Rain / Three melodic riff homage and other songs like "Summer Screams" do more of the same although this band has modern production instead of that goofy 80's stuff those bands had. Whatever. It's so cool! Driving guitars and urgency oozing out the speakers. Lyrically they appear to be mostly personal lyrics though I am never the best at interpreting words anyway. Hence my long held support of song explanations.

Rain meets Crash & Brittany is probably a pretty damn fair comparison overall. The former need their LP re-issued ASAP and the latter you plainly will never give a shit about. So get this in the meantime and maybe you'll like it. I did. This is a super fine emo record that sounds very different to pretty much every other emo record ever. Ain't that a dandy?

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