A horrible hack

S Process

More Me

Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Track Star
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
Prior to More Me, is a split 7" with the all mighty Party Of Helicopters. And if I wasn't such a religious fan of POH, I wouldn't know about S Process. So thank you for that. Despite Andy M's negativity of SP on that split, I beg to differ. They rock. Ok?

And they continue to do so on this album. Delivering 10 spanking new tracks running for about 24 mins. 'Spring Garden Houses A Skinny Enemy' introduces the band's trademark of constant rumbling bassline, the thumping bass drums, repetition hits on the high hat and super crazed guitar effects. The vocals mouth sassy lyrics; firing up the mood of any still room.

The 3rd track is an instrumental tune that bounces along like a surf punk song. (think Man or Astroman!) And with the inclusion of the moogs, it creates a sci fi effect. Roping in the listener to visualize a sci fi horror flick where the aliens are morbidly running around in circles and flipping into acrobatic stunts. To which this track is amusingly titled 'Playing House With Tracii Lords'. Not very far from what we visualized eh?

Mark Tesi guest writes and vocals on 'The Three Of Us' and it's either me hallucinating or it really sounds like At The Drive In. 'The Worst of 42, 71' then follows not long after with the intrusion of the typical S Process formula. Rumblesome and dance invoking.

'Sleepytime Uno' is a 3:40 min epic of beats and turntablism. Dissonant yet in control. A perfect way to wrap things up.

For the tight red and black attire wearing spock rockers, don't miss out on this outfit.

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