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Beezewax - Red Bank


Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Complicity
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Nice solid split CD release here. And what with Beezewax being pretty established already, it should serve as some nice exposure for UK newcomers, Red Bank.

Beezewax go first, and they are still playing pleasant indie rock, as they have been since they started. The 4 songs they contribute here seem to lie halfway between the more lo-fi, subtle tones of the debut CD, and the far poppier follow up. Lots of swooping melodies and jangly guitars, built around and over the rather excellent, smooth vocals (well sung, avoiding that whine-rock precipice quite nicely). I really don't know who to compare it to to be honest as I don't hear this style too often. The Pop Unknown EP is a fair reference point at times, a long with the Pylon, and the Promise Ring (whoo, they all begin with the letter P! They should change their name to the rather pleasant sounding Peezewax! Don't you think?). Either way, this is a nice quartet of songs and makes this an essential pick up for anyone who likes the band. The pacey "Are You Alright" is the pick of the bunch and makes me tap my toes.

Red Bank sound like a band still finding their feet. A guy called Gary Bagley is in this band and I made him a tape of Assfactor4 once, so I was crossing all my body parts (those that weren't painful to cross, anyway) in a vain hope that he was in an A4 tribute band. Not quite. Red Bank is playing rock music, and they do are doing a solid job of it so far. It is pretty straightforward stuff that I would peg somewhere in the Sunny Day Real Estate / Mineral type ball park. Lots of quiet / loud dynamics and the vocals work really well, sounding quite different from others in this style. I thought was OK, which is actually a compliment because I am so utterly bored of most bands that sound like this. Maybe it's only UK bands that can do this stuff OK now, as the Autumn Year are sort of similar, and they are a solid band too. Overall, the recording is a bit iffy at times mind you, but not to worry.

Hmm, I am stuck for how to sum this up. So I won't.

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