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Mukeka Di Rato - Hero Dishonest


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: 625 Thrash Records - If Society
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 13, 2007
We Hero Dishonest fans are really being treated well of late, what with this new release coming hot on the heels of their third album and new 7". Although HDH don't seem quite as ripping and full-on as they usually do, their singular approach to hardcore (i.e. mix it up and make it deceptively melodic) still shines through. They also cover Joy Division's 'Warsaw' in their own inimitable style.

On the flip is Brazil's Mukeka Di Rato, who I have been meaning to check out for ages, especially as some of the best hardcore-punk shit has come out from South America in recent years. Initial impressions suggest they are seriously fucked in the head, as they let rip with 'Burzum Marley' - about 10 seconds of some vicious grind, before doing a bit of reggae. Very odd, and not necessarily unwelcome. The other four tracks are suitably thrashy and enjoyable, and whilst not being anything out of the ordinary, they positively drip with energy, and much like HDH, their way with a sneaky melody is quite amazing. In fact, these bands really do suit each other down to the ground. Lyrically, MDR are a bit on the amusingly silly side. For example, 'Eu Como Merda' ('I Eat Shit') goes, "I eat shit in lunch, I eat shit in dinner, I eat shit in the playtime, I eat shit in church, Accompanied by beer, Attending scenes of insane sex, A paedophilic priest and a five-year-old boy." Er, OK!

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