A horrible hack


The Truth

Year Released: 2005
Format: 2xCD
Label: Ascetic
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

More epic rockness from these fruity guys, a double album this time around no less, that's alot to take in. There's also at least 2 songs on here pushing the ten minute mark, you can't say they aren't ambitous i guess, for the volume of material on here though it is remarkably consistent and just flippin' ace.

I love Traindodge because they write amazing, huge sounding songs that are long and twisting but always brilliantly melodic and accessible with their heads rarely anywhere near their asses, sweet. I've heard people (ok, Andy) describe them as having a sort of midwest feel to them, and that's true enough, but there's also a sort of Big Rock thing in a lot of it in it's execution as well, and there's sometimes a bit of latter day Cave In creeping in even. I think overall what ultimately makes this band so special is beyond the reach of my vocabulary, they just have that special something that doesn't come a long very often, and thus you should take the time out to appreciate it when it does...

'Nuff said.

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