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It Will Be That Sound

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: innocent when you dream
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Jun 13, 2007
This cd came out sometime last year, but I’ve only just picked up a copy now, hence the lateness. It comes in a sweet card gatefold sleeve, along with a thick booklet of lyrics and a lengthy story of the band written by Justin (drums). The subtitle on this is ‘discography 1999 – 2004’ - very sadly this band is no longer with us, having played their last shows over the summer of last year.

As a discography, this is incomplete; the tracks from the split with contra, and some of the demo songs aren’t included. Apparently the band was embarrassed by those songs, it’s their decision for sure, but it bothers me a little for the sake of completeness. But that is the only (tiny) criticism I can make; there are 21 songs of punk perfection on here, four final, unreleased songs, the four songs from the Loudest Letter 7” and an unreleased song from that session, the tracks from the split 7” with Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running and the 7” comp on Traffic Violation, and the Inside Every Kid 10”.

The songs from that ten-inch, thankfully, have been remastered, eliminating the hideously dull guitar tone that affected all but one of the tracks when it was originally released. It’s almost like listening to new songs now they sound so bright! Musically its similar stuff to Crimpshine or Dillinger 4, maybe a little sloppier, but every bit as good. By far one of the best bands to come out of that Long Island scene, even on this their first record proper they were combining youthful exuberance with lyrical honesty on a range of topics in a way I wish more bands would, whether its pro bikes “my modem is covered in dust, I won’t ever say that my bike is covered up in rust”, touring “get us out of Jackson”, or a general disdain for consumer culture “product placement is not profitable, and if that’s your statement then your statement’s fucking pitiful”.

Moving from the end of the cd towards the start, it’s easy to hear the progression the band made with each record. Honourable mention goes to the song ‘miles to go’ from the split with SWSR, which is responsible for getting me into this band and into this style of music in the first place; to the Loudest Letter 7” which is one of the best small pieces of wax ever released in this style, lyrically and musically perfect, as furious as it is passionate, as youthful sounding as lyrically mature; the unreleased song ‘learning to sew’ which starts with a harmonica, in a manner similar to the band Speakeasy that Justin went on to front, before launching into one of their best songs. And so right at the start of the cd, four new songs, all that can be said to them is wow!

Judging by what was written, it seems band finished at the right time, but they could have carried on writing forever if this is what the result sounds like. But then again, maybe it’s good that a band goes out at its peak. Four kids in a basement now three (older) kids grown both musically and mentally to produce these last four (perfect) songs of melancholy yet positive punk rock. I’m listening to these on repeat endlessly and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired. I’ve been told that at one point these tracks were possibly going to form a split with Against Me!, but that obviously never took place. Sad really as that would have possibly been one of the greatest splits ever, but you can’t have everything. It would have bee nice for these songs to surface elsewhere, but this cd keeps me more than content.

So in all, a more than fitting testament to one of the finest diy/punk bands ever, and a necessity for anyone with even a slight liking for poppy political punk rock. Or punk rock/diy music at all.

This was released as a combination of efforts from four labels:

dare to care records
innocent when you dream
square of opposition

“Inside every kid is a revolution. You can see it in the dreams they make, you can see it in the smiles that never fade. You got it kid, I can see it in your eyes. You and I got dreams, and we swore they would never die.”

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