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Sunset And The Sinking City –

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Tony Era on Jun 13, 2007
First of all I would like to say how happy I was to get this for review, it is a beautiful cd obviously made with lots of care, attention and DIY love. Grey card, it shuts with a button and string and the lyrics in the insert sheet are so small it is almost impossible to read, emo as fuck.

Now the music, so good I will talk about each one. 7 tracks here and amazingly the first sounds like Breakwater! WTF! Twinkles, build ups and those crescendos that only ever seem to soar upwards and upwards, forever building, climbing and making me feel giddy and emotional. It is an incredible track, something truly great to come out of the blue like this. The vocals are screamed, panted and desperate, but in such a way that Andy Maddox seems more comical than ever.

Track two is completely different, almost like mogwai with spoken word vocals, it builds up too and is complete dreamo.

Track 3 is the best little interlude since Do You Know Who You Are?

Track 4 is more Godspeed worship, but it’s done so well I am lost on how to convince people it’s not generic. The end of the track is more mid 90’s emo worship, the goosebumps come back and I don’t want it to end.

Track 5 is a fast 2 minute number, the vocals are just as desperate but it does feel out of place, there is no soaring but also not quite enough punchiness to warant it’s inclusion. The ep fits as a whole to lose yourself in, this kind of interrupts it although it is a cracking song.

Track 6, back to the good stuff, effect laden guitars (not emo I know but still). The wierdest song on here, it goes off on a big tangent half way through and ends on a giant emo finish, screaming, sick drums and feedback. Killer.

And so onto the mammoth 17 minute finale, if this was one side of a twelve inch and it was 1995 people would be creaming. Insanely quiet guitars and spoken word builds the song up for 11 minutes until the world caves in and it goes nuts, the vocals never get to screamed which only adds to the atmosphere, forever building, the vocals getting more desperate, the tempo increasing slightly, kind of the way “that” Allure track teases you rather than just exploding. This is the emo version of “my father my king”. A gigantuan effort to try and pull off which these guys achieve no problem.

Best and most promising uk emo band since ever. It is an astonishing release that gets better each time I listen to it. Buy it now, immediately.

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