A horrible hack


What took you so long

Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Decadent Records
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
Andy must be liking me as this is the first 7" I've got from the C for review. However, he's not liking me that much as it's pretty awful. Tamborines are slightly out of breath as they've come all the way from 1986 with their poorly produced indie pop. It's all there... is it a drum machine or just an incompetent engineer? Does the Scottish sounding singer have a fringe? Is the pope a fucking catholic? This is the sort of thing the guys from Teenage Fanclub were doing before they grew a pair and bought a Dinosaur Jr album. Weak, and about 15 years out of date. Lots of good bands are doing indie pop these days (Aberfeldy for one) listen to them if you long for the pop thrills of yesteryear. Consign the tamborines to the school music room of history.

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