A horrible hack

the Failures' Union


Year Released: 2007
Format: CD
Label: One Percent Press
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 6, 2008
You don't come across this type of album very often - it's the kind of indie rock that actually isn't afraid to make a melodic racket. You can trace the roots back to bands like Husker DU and then Archers of Loaf, and in the UK bands like Swervedriver or Adorable. Indie rock bands where the guitar is buzzing, things are a little ragged and the songs rock a long excitably. "Sinker" gets off to a great start, with the standout song "Give Way". After this song I was convinced the album would be a classic if it continued in this fashion the whole way. Sadly it doesn't quite measure up to those standards, but we do get a mostly enjoyable album out of it by closing time.

Some songs head off in a different direction, like "Useless Facts", which introduces to the country-rock side of the band, all Americana and whatnot. I prefer the fast, melodic stuff but it's a nice diversion. The best stuff for me are the songs where they let go and throw caution to the wind, songs like "Classic Car Wreck" is a prime example. Songs like "the Worst" are driving and forceful, and bring to mind the first Beezewax album but with less fuzz. It just leaves me wondering why we don't hear bands playing this style of music very often. Because it sure sounds like a lot of fun to play music like this. Bah! We are being deprived of good music.

The Failures' Union have made a super solid album of rocking indie here, and I am very grateful for it. I just hope we don't have to wait a bunch more years for another good example of the style.

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