A horrible hack

Despise You

West Side Horizons

Year Released: 2007
Format: LP
Label: Forest Moon Productions
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 17, 2008
First time on wax for the Despise You discography, compiling their various splits, comp tracks and the sixteen otherwise unreleased numbers kindly compiled by Pessimiser for the original CD release. The result is a barrage of bleak-as-fuck, metal-tinged powerviolence that's heavy, thick-necked and cruel as all hell, each violent outburst neatly condensed into short, emetic bouts of soul-flattening rage that manage to be both inventive and memorable despite their vicious brevity. Exhaustive as well as exhausting, you wouldn't dare fault 'em on a musical level, holding up just as well as ever and continuing to shame much of the latest contingent picking up the powerviolence baton. Still a pity, though, that for a band so steeped in its own crazed self-mythology we couldn't have something more by way of liner notes than just pictures showing off an admittedly natty array of homemade Suicidal Tendancies-style jackets. Tsk.

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