A horrible hack

Ken Mode


Year Released: 2008
Format: 3x7"
Label: Arctodus - No List
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Apr 15, 2008
Being stuck in the middle of nowhere (Winnipeg, Canada) has clearly enabled Ken Mode to forge their own path when it comes to tech-metal hardcore wizardry. Whereas "Mongrel" and "Reprisal" were fine records, the sheer claustrophobic density of the music threatened to overwhelm at times, making them tough listens. "Mennonite", written and recorded more or less on the hoof, brings their wayward Jesus Lizard-esque rockout influence much more to the fore, leavening the atmosphere and making things more entertaining, though none the less abrasive. They absolutely maximise their abilities within the inherently tight power-trio format as well, the remarkable rhythm section locking everything down whilst the guitars do highly inventive, mostly atonal things. So while album number three is still complex, panic-stricken and heavy, you can easily add playful, varied and catchy to the description. The vinyl comes as a lavish triple 7" set which is well worth seeing, let alone getting.

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