A horrible hack

No Nebraska


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Gareth L on Apr 25, 2008
Achtung: here we have a fantastically packaged CD-R album (including dried flowers!) by a rather good German based post-hardcore band. In fact, they're so far 'post' hardcore that they have a bass clarinet, and no bass. And the bass clarinet is pretty central to a lot of their songs, and gives them quite a unique sound - bands like Sweep The Leg Johnny have that skronky thing too but No Nebraska! are a little more understated for the most part than those guys and the fairly scratchy sounding guitar works well leading the songs along, most of which are under the three minute mark. They do have a couple of noisier bits (notably 'Barking Mascot') but these 9 tracks are kind of reminiscent of the more experimental approach Fugazi took on the 'End Hits' album; thoughtful, deliberate and a darn good listen.

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