A horrible hack


For A Better Tomorrow

Year Released: 2008
Format: 10"
Label: Land O'Smiles - Corley Music
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 23, 2008
Crank this baby up and start your day off in depressing style maaaaaaan. With one hoof wedged firmly in the stoner rock camp, Ohio's Fistula (seemingly on a spate of proactivity compared to previous years) take harsh, shouted vocals and a hefty emphasis on (very catchy) minor key melodies to create a negative vortex of utterly rocking sludgecore. The tempos are perfect, enabling enough space between headbangs to appreciate what's going on, while still making sure it's not all pointlessly drained and drawn out. Fistula are right up there alongside Rue, Consular, Moho and Brainoil (i.e. the Shifty Records roster) when it comes to combining stoner and hardcore. A totally lysergic ass-kicking.

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