A horrible hack

War Of Destruction


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Hjernespind
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Jul 16, 2008
Denmark’s War Of Destruction return here with their first record in over 20 years! Now I have to confess that I must have dozed off in Killed By Death Class as I am unfamiliar with their previous output. If you’re interested (as I was), then their ‘Kill From The Heart’ discography page is located here, along with a link to their website:

War of Destruction - Kill From The Heart archive page

Ok well this new 7” is fuzzy lo fi punk rock. Sounding something like a Finnish band without the abrasive vocals! With maybe some Anti Cimex hoyed in there for good measure. Always wary of old bands returning with new material., but this isn’t half bad at all.

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